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Animal Crossing: City Folk Banlist

The City
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Did someone steal from you or hack your town? Share what you know in full detail. If you know who took your stuff or messed with your town, don't be afraid to name names, even if they are a member of this community. Don't protect the people who have wronged you.

It is very important that you read the community rules before posting.

2. Include your own character and town names in your posts, either by using your player icon or signing the end of your post with your info. Friend codes aren't necessary. If you use more than one character/town, please list all those relevant to your post.
3. When posting about a problem or missing items, be sure to clearly differentiate between "suspects" and "known thieves"/"known vandals". This is extremely important.
4. Do not attack anyone who comes forward with information. Defending a player you think is innocent is fine, but personally attacking accusers is absolutely not allowed.
5. Anyone caught intentionally slandering innocent players or carrying out vindictive plots to blacklist someone they don't like will be banned so hard they bounce.
6. No matter how angry you are, keep it mature. This community is carefully moderated. We want honest answers and information, not a frenzied witch hunt.

- check out our tags
- please cut lengthy entries
- if you need help linking to other communities or web sites, see this page

When opening your gate, please keep an eye on your town. Do not rely on Bulletin Board signatures to keep track of your guests. If you aren't 100% certain who was in your town when the offense took place, we can't help you and you can't help us.

We do not advertise in other communities, we rely on word of mouth. Please tell your friends and anyone else you think may be interested in this community.